The Life of BVCC / Mission Statement

Our passion is to see everyone in Boulder County and around the world become “Fully Alive.” The process of this mission has three main rhythms.  They are: 


Fulfillment does not come through seeking our selfish desires, but through life with God.


Life with God will transform us and this happens best in community.


We are most alive when we live for a purpose bigger than ourselves.

Our Values

  1. Biblical  – We are passionate about immersing ourselves in the Bible as it truly does give us the lenses by which to understand life.
  2. Inter-generational – We value all ages and stages of life and will honor and incorporate each stage in the life of the church.
  3. Relational – Community is important to us. BVCC is a great place to make life-long friends.
  4. Service Oriented – We spend equal time serving the community outside of our church and the services, programs and people within our church. 
  5. Authentic  – We refuse to “play church.” We are committed to having an honest relationship with God and each other.

What We Believe