Sermon Videos

Below are a selection of videos from our sermon library. We think these selected videos are a good representation of who we are and what we believe. For a full list of sermon videos, please visit our Vimeo account.

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Follow Me - Sept 3, 2017

Over and over, Jesus invites us to one central thing. “Follow Me,” he says. How do we actually do that? What does that mean? And how does the Holy Spirit’s presence effect how we can follow Him? We long for more intimacy and closeness with God ... something that actually feels personal. God sent us the Holy Spirit for THAT very thing. Yet many of us shy away from engaging with the Holy Spirit as we follow Jesus. What about you?

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He Loves Us - June 25, 2017

When you know God's unconditional love you can learn to lead a life with no fear. And to lead a life fully alive on mission with Him.

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Invited to Come and See - April 30, 2017

We invite others to that which is meaningful to us. It may be a movie, a restaurant, our kid's game or any myriad of things. The Bible is a book of invitations. What is that invitation and how will we respond?