We believe that the church is meant to be a blessing to the city and county where we live. BVCC is intentional and strategic in the ways we serve and love Boulder County. Below are ways we work to “live in something greater.”



Camp for Change

Every year abused, abandoned and neglected children are put into the foster care system. Camp for Change, a volunteer run, non-profit birthed out of BVCC, creates hope and the ability to trust, enables the willingness to love and improves self-image by providing 3 summer camps for foster kids, ages 7 to 15. Camp for Change is an umbrella organization that supports the Boulder chapters of Royal Family KIDS and Teen Reach Adventure Camp. The camps are designed to change the lives of these children forever. Visit campforchange.org for more information. To get involved, please contact Ruth Williams.


Pioneer Elementary Partnership

BVCC partners with Pioneer Elementary School in Lafayette. Our volunteer team partners with both teachers and students to provide in-class assistance with reading, writing, homework, and office help. Connecting with Pioneer is a fun way for BVCC to connect with families in our community. To get involved, please contact Ruth Williams.




We operate a 24-plot community garden which grows great organic vegetables.  Twelve of the plots are available to families and individuals within our church community and 12 are available to those outside our church community.  For more information, please contact Sheila Albertson.



One of our greatest assets as a church is our facility, and we want to share it with others who are doing great work in our community.  Over 20 groups use our building throughout the week, including a Spanish speaking church, Bible Study Fellowship, The Easter Seals, and the largest pole vault club in the state (yes, there are pole vault pits behind the building!). Opening our building is a great way for us to serve our community!




We believe the stewardship of the earth is an important aspect of living in the 21st century.  For this reason, we installed a solar array behind our building and now operate at over 90% solar electricity.